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Best Gift Box Ideas for Flowers

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When you hunt for a decent gift, the first choice is always flowers. The basic way to wrap flowers is to pack them neatly in paper and ribbons. However, for a fancier and classier look, we recommend using flower boxes. Here are the best gift box ideas for flowers.

Rectangular Boxes

Rectangular boxes are very sophisticated, and all you have to do is match the color of the box to the flowers of your choice. The best gift box idea for flowers would be to choose a pink rectangular box, for pastel pink and white flowers. Another idea for you is to pick out a black rectangular box and place red roses in it.

Circular Boxes

Circular boxes look decent and are more towards the elegant side. Use a white circular box and put in jam purple and peach flowers.

If you’re looking for another flower gift box idea, you can use a blue circular box. Place white roses in the corners to make a circle and fill in the middle with pastel pink flowers. This combination is popular and widely used for weddings and various other occasions as well.

Transparent Boxes

Transparent boxes come in a variety of designs. Blossoms Florals Lahore recommends transparent boxes because they offer both safety and display.

The transparent plastic at the top displays the flowers, and the cardboard box keeps them safe. They are one of the best gift box ideas for flowers and highly represent the elegance of your gift as well.


Gift boxes for flowers are a very good choice for weddings, birthdays, and other events. While wrapping them in paper is a more common method of packing them, boxes make the flowers look fancy. They also prevent the petals from breaking.


Where can I find the best flower boxes?

Blossoms Lahore has a very large variety of flower boxes in its catalog. They cater to all of the types of flower boxes mentioned above and also provide customized flower boxes.

Why should I use a flower box?

A flower box is safer than wrapping flowers in paper or plastic. Also, flower boxes look very beautiful when given at weddings and other formal occasions.