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Day of Love

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“Day of Love” On the Day of Love

There are over 400 thousand different kinds of flowers in the world, but if you had to pick a favourite, it would be the classic red rose. The rose is a flower that is both culturally significant and present in almost every aspect of our life. There are over 150 unique species and 3,000 different species of the rose family, and the bulk of them are some shade of red.

The red rose is a symbol of love and passion and is often associated with happy memories, whether those memories are of a first date, an anniversary, a friendship, or a personal celebration. On the night of Valentine's Day, the leading online florist, Blossoms Florals, offers a special bouquet, Day of Love, consisting of red roses and baby's breath, wrapped in crimson ribbon.

Even today, red roses are regarded as a symbol of undying love and passion.

Mythic power

Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers, is claimed to have discovered a dead nymph while strolling in the woods, inspiring her to create the first red rose. Feeling guilty about the creature's passing, she turned its corpse into a flower of unparalleled beauty. Aphrodite, another deity, was instantly smitten by her creations. Legend has it that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, gave her son Eros (also known as Cupid) the name "rose" in honor of his birth. To this day, red roses remain a traditional gift on Valentine's Day, the festival traditionally associated with Cupid.

The red rose has a somewhat different but no less spectacular origin story in Roman mythology. In this story, Venus (the goddess of love) rushes to warn her beloved Adonis of an impending murder plan. She wounds her ankle unintentionally while running over a thorn bush. But in a charming twist, it is told that wherever her blood fell on the plant, a gorgeous rose would blossom, giving rise to the modern red rose bushes.

With tender hues

Each shade of rose has its own special significance. As an illustration, white roses represent innocence and kindness, whereas yellow flowers are associated with joy. However, red is a much trickier beast, with numerous meanings associated with its various tones. Roses in pastel shades of red and pink have long been used to represent femininity and refinement. If you darken the pink to a deep magenta, the rose takes on a more appreciative tone.

The salmon hue of roses, halfway between red and orange, is a statement of eagerness and passion, making it a great gift for a new romance. The actual sign of love is usually a bouquet of bright red roses, which is why they are associated with feelings of lust, romance, and desire. Roses with a burgundy or merlot red hue signify loyalty and dedication, whereas lighter red roses signify beauty. Finally, the darkest red roses, which can appear practically black, represent renewal and fresh starts.


A rose's wonderful fragrance is another of its many endearing qualities. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, not all roses have the same aroma. According to scientific research, a rose's fragrance increases in proportion to the number of scent-producing glands it contains. That's because a rose with more glands in its bloom will have a stronger, more authentic aroma. Remember that deeper red roses, like those seen in the Day of Love arrangement, tend to have a stronger fragrance than lighter red roses, making them a better choice for the delightful occasion of Valentine's Day.