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How to make Rose Flower with Paper

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Making different types of decorations and items simply by using paper is called the art of Origami. Although Origami is based on paper folding techniques, the paper can also be cut according to the requirements. Making a rose flower with paper is a cute idea because it shows your personal effort rather than being an item purchased from elsewhere.

Making Rose with Paper

Making a rose with paper is not something very difficult, in fact, it is an interesting project. Simply buy your favorite colored A4 Size Paper and cut out 4 equal squares from it. Take every square and fold it into a diagonal aspect to give a triangular shape, 4 times. Once this is ready, take one of these triangles and make a cone out of it. To do this, you need to cut a semi-circle on one side of the triangle. On the bottom side where it comes as the corner, just cut a bit of it so that the stem can come in.

After making four such shapes, open up the folds. You will now see the entire flowery shape with multiple segments. For the first shape, cut one segment. For the second shape, cut two segments and so on. Now curl the remaining flower and join the edges of the segments with the help of a DIY Project glue. This will help in making the base of the flower. Once the base is ready, you can make the petals by joining the cut-out segments. First, join the three segments you cut with the help of glue and add on top of the flower. Repeat the process for two segments. For the single-segment, just roll it and glue it to its other end.

Tips for Making Rose with Paper

Keep in mind that the softer paper you use, the more delicate your rose will be. A few people use chart papers or hard papers but they are not recommended because they don't give a real feel of the original rose. A softer paper like the simple A4 will be perfect for the job. Moreover, make sure that you have all the accessories with you before starting. Precision is a must if you want the job to be done 100/100. In case you feel that this is all a hassle, you can simply buy a bouquet of roses from Blossoms.

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1. How much time does it take to make a rose with paper?

For beginners, it may take up to an hour to make the rose in its proper shape. There might be a few mistakes and redo attempts to finally come up with the perfect one. However, with practice, it may take you only about 5 to 10 minutes to make one paper rose.

2. Is paper rose a good gift idea?

It is a good gift idea but cannot replace the value of an original rose. For this reason, you should give handmade and original roses that can be easily sourced from Blossoms, a company specializing in different types of flowers.

3. Should I paint a paper rose?

It is recommended to get the original colored paper rather than coloring it. If you want to make a red rose, buy red paper. Don't buy a white one and then paint it red because the final outcome will lose its grace.