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Winter Flower Gifts in Pakistan

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During winters, when the whole country is covered in fog and snow, nature slows down. However, between the blankets of white snow, some blooms stand out like vivid flashes of color. Here, we’re going to talk about the winter flower gifts in Pakistan.


When we talk about flowers that bloom in winter, roses have to be mentioned first. These flowers are available in over 100 varieties and make the perfect gifts. Red roses are undeniably the most popular flowers to gift, as they represent love and devotion.


A narcissus flower can have both white and yellow petals, with a yellow center. The name Narcissus comes from a legend in ancient Greece. It was the name of a boy that stayed at the edge of a pool, just staring at himself. Eventually, he starved himself.

The first plant is said to have grown where he died. Today, daffodils of this family are extremely popular with people. Some other types are a little hard to find. If you’re interested in them, you can buy them from Blossom Florals Lahore.


A daisy has white petals with a yellow center. They are the perfect gift for someone in a new relationship, or a new house, or a business. This is because daisies represent new beginnings. They make up the ideal winter flowers as well. 


Everyone recognizes sunflowers. However, not everyone knows they make amazing gifts too. Sunflowers are not only easily available but they are quite cheap as well.

Coupled with the fact that they represent adoration and warmth, nobody can deny they are one of the best winter flower gifts in Pakistan.


Flowers that bloom in winter can be a little difficult to obtain. However, Blossom Florals Lahore is the one-stop shop for all your needs.


Why are winter flowers hard to find?

Due to the snow and harsh conditions, winter flowers have to be grown in monitored conditions which is why they are not easily available.

Where can I find winter flowers?

Blossoms Lahore has been catering to people’s flower needs for a long time now. Their nursery has all the flowers you need.